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The power of understanding the needs of others

Good leaders must uncover the basic human desires of their teams so together they can reach greater heights. Here’s how to do it.

ÉDITORIAL. À chacun sa part de pouvoir

Don’t Let Power Corrupt You

How to exercise influence without losing your moral compass

For Social Business to Become the Norm, We Need to Build a Social Business Infrastructure

For social businesses to survive and thrive, we must change the broader business ecosystem's legal structures, sustainability metrics, accountability systems, and funding opportunities.

Power Sharing Can Change Corporations for the Better

Strategies for ensuring stakeholder voices are heard and ESG goals are met.

Should You Agitate, Innovate, or Orchestrate?

A framework for understanding the roles you can play in a movement for social change.

Learn to Love Networking

“I hate networking.” It’s a familiar refrain. But in today’s world, networking is a necessity—and fortunately, an aversion to it can be overcome.

The Network Secrets of Great Change Agents

Change is hard, especially in a large organization. Yet some leaders succeed—often spectacularly—at transforming their workplaces. What makes them able to exert this sort of influence when the vast majority can’t?

Competent Jerks, Lovable Fools, and the Formation of Social Networks

When looking for help with a task at work, people turn to those best able to do the job. Right? Wrong. New research shows that work partners tend to be chosen not for ability but for likability.

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