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What do you value most? Since others can influence you when they understand your needs and wants, you will manage your power relationships a lot better if you first understand yourself by identifying the resources that you value most.


How can we possibly know what those resources are when human needs and desires are so diverse, multifaceted, and mutable over time? In Power, for All (Chapter 3) we offer a guide through the maze of human motivations for those who seek to uncover the needs and desires that activate power relationships. We explain that although money does make the world go 'round, people value not only material possessions but also psychological resources: belonging and supportive relationships, a feeling of competence and progress, a sense of autonomy of choice, and a desire to feel virtuous. 


The test you can take here is a first step into our broader analysis of human needs. It will uncover how much you value certain resources that have been shown to reliably matter to people.

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